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Security Tracking and Recovery by STOP.

Key Benefits

bulletSTOP plates stop theft before it happens.
With STOP's tamper-proof security plates, you can enjoy the same 90% reduction in equipment losses that over 2000 companies using the STOP system worldwide enjoy today. And, the STOP security plate offers you more than that!
bulletSTOP returns lost equipment straight to your door.
FBI studies have shown that 97 percent of unmarked machines are never recovered. STOP plates act not only to deter theft, they link your equipment to our worldwide tracking and retrieval service. When your company loses a piece of equipment, STOP works with the local police, the FBI, and INTERPOL to track it down. And, once they've located it, STOP will work to facilitate the return of the recovered item to you.
bulletSTOP Plates track all of your equipment for you.
The STOP plate goes even further. While preventing equipment loss is crucial, keeping track of all your company's equipment on a day-to-day basis is just as important. The barcode built into STOP Security Plates is the heart of their simple, cost-effective asset tracking system. And now, STOP clients can access their own inventory database any time from any PC with an Internet connection using STOPMonitor, STOP's secure, Web-based inventory tracking utility.


$25 Per System up to 9 units + $5.95 Service Fee